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IIAV has partnered with Polestar Performance Programs to bring you producer training.  The FastTrack and Producer Sales Development​ programs are designed for newer producers. These programs give on the job advantage with coaching and a development plan that gets results for you and your agency.

Scope and Format

These programs are facilitated online, one-on-one, & group coaching over the course of four (4) to six (6) months. Participants are encouraged to present their business plan to the agency at the culmination of the program.

​​Participants will develop and consistently implement an effective new business development strategy that attracts, analyzes, educates, and embraces only qualified opportunities. A majority of producers surveyed using Polestar techniques saw their production improve by 20% annually.

Participants will customize and implement a proactive, value-driven, client management plan that provides a consistent level of client contact and ensures that a visible and viable partnership is maintained with each key account. Retention will dramatically improve.

Participants will create a priority management planning system that will define, organize, and prioritize high-payoff, business building activities. As a result, participants will work smarter, live better, and receive a far greater return on their invested time and attention.

Participants will learn how to integrate practical, hands-on, efficient and effective education initiatives that enable clients to proactively manage their insurance programs. Producers learn how to manage their clients’ insurance costs the right way—by minimizing the frequency and severity of their claims.

​​For four to six months: These programs include a series of training topics, online workshops, weekly one-on-one coaching session, group discussions, and assignments. In the final months, participants work one-on-one and with their agency coach/mentors to further develop and be accountable for their marketing, sales, and business plans. All participants gain access to the Polestar library which contains tools and examples of concepts learned.

Business Plan: These programs conclude with participants creating and presenting their business plans to their peers and management group at their Agency. (This is optional at Agency discretion.) 

Polestar Coaching Model: To ensure an effective and lasting outcome, participants work with a Polestar Coach to establish properly defined performance objectives, develop an action plan to achieve results, and immediately begin the implementation of new activities and behaviors.

The FastTrack program is designed to teach insurance sales professionals (0-2 years of experience) sound sales principles built on the premise that exceptional service sells when delivered proactively, consistently, and with integrity.

Fast Track Timeline – Click HERE to see the time of events in this program. ​
  • The Producer Sales Development program is designed for those with 3+years of sales experience.
  • Producers will be guided through a set of disciplines & behaviors that will help them adjust to & benefit from the dramatic changes in our industry
  • The program offers specific, hands-on strategies, resources, & blueprints for accelerating sales, client retention, efficiency, & profitability.
  • One-on-one sales coaching provided throughout the program, and for life if desired.


Producer Sales Development - Click HERE to see the time of events in this program.

​Overview of your FastTrack Plan

·       ​  Setting your objectives, meeting your coach, design your technical and sales learning plans with your agency mentor.

·         Pipeline management, sales calls, niche development and cross selling strategies.


Becoming Visible and Viable

·         Refreshing and sensible marketing strategies that attract & retain desirable opportunities.

·         Differentiating with integrity – conducting & responding to a needs assessment. Earning client trust rather than pitching a bid.

The Magic of Referral Harvesting

·         Firmly establishing the referral harvesting system as the primary method for prospecting. Say goodbye to the cold introduction.

·         Managing referrals professionally and consistently.


Building a Personal & Professional Performance Plan

·         Establish well-defined, measurable, professional objectives for production, retention, profitability, and efficiency.

·         Determine short and long term personal objectives for career, and personal life. Formulate a detailed and manageable personal development plan to achieve these objectives.

·         Create specific accountabilities and establish measurable performance benchmarks to stay consistent and on track.

Priority Management & Personal Organization

·         Focus on high-payoff, high impact, business building and proactive client service activities that are unique, efficient, and extremely effective.

·         Improve self-manageability, self-esteem, and confidence in any environment and under any conditions. A proven system to stay on target and on plan in spite of distractions, interruptions, and setbacks.


Selling Styles and Buying Habits

·         Find your communication style and how to identify styles of others.

·         Learn to flex your style to the best sales advantage and build stronger relationships with your clients.


The Value Added Service Plan – Bringing it All Together

·         A proactive service plan that will predict and resolve concerns before they become a problem or a crisis.

·         Invaluable and appropriate risk management and loss control initiatives that deliver measurable value, control insurance program costs, educate clients and inspire loyalty.

·         Relationship enhancements that remove accounts from the competitive arena, ensure a “no surprises” renewal, and help protect worthy clients from market volatility.​​

Polestar coaching and facilitation teams:
  • Must have a broad level of experience within the industry at both the carrier and agency level.
  • Must have an extensive history of successfully coaching, training, and mentoring sales, marketing, and service individuals, teams, and organizations.
  • Must be personally successful and deeply committed to enriching the personal and professional lives of every participant.
  • Must be unconditionally responsible for the success of every participant in the program.

​​What is expected of the agency in supporting a new or experienced producer in Polestar’s programs?

An agency that is considering placing either a new or experienced producer in one of the Polestar programs is already ahead of the game! Congratulations in investing in your future! Polestar has found that the most successful participants had strong support from their Agency Principal, a mentor (usually a Sales Manager or another Senior Producer), and the Agency Staff. Here are some attributes that will produce the most success for your candidates:
  • The Agency Principal gives full support and sets the tone for the Agency staff for support of the producer.
  • The Agency mentor is engaged and is willing to hold themselves and the producer accountable for meetings, communication, sales calls, and is a good “coach”
  • The Agency provides strong support of its producers in the areas of Customer Service and Systems/Procedures.
  • Carrier personnel are utilized as resources for the producers sales efforts
  • Good communication and expectations of outcome exists between the producer, the Agency staff and Polestar
​Polestar Costs
Total cost of the program is normally $4,400.00 per attendee through Polestar Performance Programs directly.

IIAV Member Costs
IIAV is pleased to offer a discounted rate of $4,000 per attendee as a IIAV member.

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Testimonials from Past Participants

“Since Polestar, I have been 5/5 on the accounts since June and have written $40,000 in revenue in 2 months!”

“The Polestar program has been a life-changing event for me.”

“By far the most worthwhile professional development program I have ever participated in.”

“I just wanted to drop you a fast line and let you know that right now I'm on track to increase my commissions by 42% over last year.