Criminal Background Checks

Quick turn-around

Did you know that Virginia law requires that a copy of the criminal history report be attached to the request order for an agent license? These background checks can be ordered through the VA State Police for a fee, but it could take up to 6 weeks to process!
Our promise:
Once received, we will process the same day and mail the printed report via US mail the same day we receive it back. Depending on when we receive it, usually within 3-10 days **Please note: Due to a backup at the State Police, SOME reports are taking up to three (3) weeks to get back to IIAV.

Our cost:
$25 for IIAV Members, payable to VFSC by agency check.
$35 for non-members, payable to VFSC by money order/certified funds.

Please use the pricing and directions listed above and not those directly on the form for submission to VFSC.
Please print and complete one copy of the form and remember it has to be notarized!!
Form must be submitted to VFSC,
Do NOT send this form to the VA State Police Department. They only accept forms with a bar code on them.

Please type or print clearly. All iledgeable forms will be returned unprocessed.

It is helpful if you include a phone number in case there are questions.

For questions, contact Teri Chester at 1-800-288-4428 or 804-747-9300.
Mail the form and check to:
  8600 Mayland Dr.
  Richmond, VA 23294
Our office hours are:
  8:30 am - 4:30 pm M-F