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FindAMarket: default IIAV is a valuable resource. The information on this site is not intended as legal advice, but is provided for general, public information. Facts, circumstances, and the application of particular laws will differ in individual circumstances.

Find a Market

looking for a market?

Looking in all the wrong places? Need some direction?
Are you seeking an immediate market for a hard-to-place commercial or personal risk, a specific product/service or a market for a book of business?
This IIAV members-only feature will enable you to make your request.
Such a request will then be delivered to participating IIAV Associate and MGA members. Upon receipt of your request, interested markets can respond directly and privately to you. Such a service will reduce the valuable time you spend searching for markets and provide value to IIAV Associate and MGA members.

Submit An Inquiry - Agency Members Only:

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  2. Follow the link below* to the profile and complete. NOTE: Purchase involves NO CASH OR PAYMENTS

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  5. You're Done!


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For more information on finding a market, please contact Danny Mitchell at 1-800-288-4428.