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CE Requirements

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The Virginia State Corporation Commission, through its Bureau of Insurance and the Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Advisory Board, is empowered by Title 38.2, Chapter 18, Article 7 of the Code of Virginia to require insurance consultants and agents holding certain licenses type to complete Continuing Education. Agents with Property & Casualty and Life & Health license must comply. For other license types, please call VA Bureau of Insurance at (804) 371-9631.

Licensing Requirements:

  • Resident agents holding one license type, or holding both Life & Annuities and Health licenses, must complete 16 credit hours of continuing education (CE").
  • Residents must complete at least three (3) credit hours of Ethics (which may include Virginia Insurance Law and Regulations) in each biennium. Ethics courses categorized as Other General Insurance (OGI") credits will not be applied to the Ethics requirement.
  • No more than 75 percent of your required credit hours may be obtained from courses sponsored by insurance companies or agencies.

Agents Selling Long Term Care Insurance:  Licensed agents may not sell a Partnership Policy in Virginia unless and until they have received the requisite eight (8) hours of initial training. Thereafter, agents must receive at least four (4) hours of ongoing training every twenty-four (24) months. All training must be approved by the Insurance Continuing Education (CE) Board and must, at a minimum, consist of the specific topics identified in the Rules. Insurers will be responsible for ensuring that their agents are appropriately trained, for maintaining documentation of such training, and for producing training records upon request by the Bureau. Agents who meet all Partnership training requirements will be considered to be "qualified" to sell Partnership policies. Insurers are cautioned to take steps to prevent the sale of Partnership policies by agents who have not met these qualification requirements.