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Affinity HR Group, LLC

human resources

If you are like most small or mid-sized businesses, finding appropriate support and assistance when faced with a difficult personnel issue can be challenging and expensive. Fortunately, because of your IIAV membership, you have an affordable, expert resource that is on hand to help you tackle challenging "people issues."

Affinity HR Group offers discounted pricing to IIAV members and also adjusts pricing based on company size - ensuring superior services at well below market prices. 

Member services include:
  • Recruiting & Retention
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Training, Development and Coaching
  • Compensation and Rewards
  • Strategic Planning and Meeting Facilitation
  • General support for all of your ongoing HR needs

Did you know that there are significant regulatory and legislative changes in Virginia that you, as an employer, need to comply with? Did you know that Affinity HR Group is constantly monitoring federal, state, and local legislative changes through our Affinity HR Support Plan, giving you the resources you need to take care of your employees and your business? 

As a subscriber of our Affinity HR Support Plan, you would receive updates about significant legislative changes happening in Virginia such as:

  • Implement new classification requirements for independent contractors
  • Handheld use of a cell phone or smartphone while driving is prohibited with few exceptions such as to report an emergency
  • Increased hourly minimum wage effective May 1, 2021
  • VOSH implements new plan and training standard for COVID-19
  • Expansion of employees' rights under the Wage Payment Act
  • Employers required to provide all employees with written wage statements

Other valuable HR Support Plan discounts and benefits include:

  • Updates on legislative changes that affect your business
  • Monthly tools, templates & checklists to simplify time consuming HR tasks
  • One free hour of HR consulting to use when you need it most
  • Discounts on essential HR services like Handbooks, Recruiting, Behavioral Assessment, Labor Law Posters & More

Our Affinity HR Support Plan, gives you information, tools and expert advice to support your team, and a partner to help you lead through those tough HR moments. 

We also offer a standalone Regulatory Updates Plan ideal for businesses with limited need for additional HR support or services.

Click here to compare plans and get started!

Affinity HR Group offers discounted pricing to IIAV members and also adjusts pricing based on company size - ensuring superior services at well below market prices. 

Call 1-877-660-6400 today for a free consultation.