​​IIAV is a valuable resource.  We offer many tools to help you along the way. 

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Agency Buy/Sell

This members only feature lists agencies that want to sell their business and agencies who want to buy additional businesses (available only to members who have logged in).

Find a Market

Are you seeking an immediate market for a hard-to-place commercial or personal risk, a specific product/service or a market for a book of business? This IIAV members-only feature will enable you to make your request. Such a request will then be delivered to participating IIAV Associate and MGA members. Upon receipt of your request, interested markets can respond directly and privately to you.

Trusted Choice®

​​Trusted Choice® is the national marketing brand created exclusively for Big 'I' members to help consumers understand the value that an independent agent offers.

Virtual University & Ask An Expert

Members have access to insurance, business and technology articles, many full sample ISO forms, white papers and information on issues affecting today's insurance marketplace.

Need An Agent

Tell us what kind of insurance you need and we will help you find an agent.