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Non-Insurance Products

​IIAV knows you are a busy person managing many priorities, so we are here to help with the business side of your agency.  With access to an assortment of agency management tools and business programs, your IIAV membership is a valuable resource for running your business.  Your agency can also enjoy discounts for a variety of business services to save your agency money.
Many of these products and services are listed below (click for more information).

If you are like most small or mid-sized businesses, finding appropriate support and assistance when faced with a difficult personnel issue can be challenging and expensive. Fortunately, because of your IIAV membership, you have an affordable, expert resource that is on hand to help you tackle challenging 'people issues.' [more]
IIAV receives exclusive discount pricing on the premier personality testing product in the industry. [more]
Imperial PFS provides premium financing and other financial products to insureds, insurance agents and brokers throughout the U.S. through Imperial Premium Finance, Inc. and AI Credit Corp. [more]
The bank of choice for Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers. InsurBanc is an independent community bank that was founded by agents exclusively for agents. [more]
Order your Big 'I' and Trusted Choice logo calendars, business cards and stationery from The Mines Press, and you'll know that your promotional gifts and correspondence will deliver the message of quality as well as care. [more]
It’s the law that agencies have a security plan per Virginia Statute 38.2-613.2. The statute requires that each insurance institution, agent, and insurance-support organization will have a written information security program that includes administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for the protection of policy information. [more]
IIAV’s Payment Processor of Choice ePayPolicy is the insurance payment solution that’s changing the insurance game. They enable agents and brokers to accept credit card and ACH payments online, while passing on transaction fees to the insured. With over 4,400 national clients, they help agencies speed up receivables and bind policies faster each day. IIAV’s partnership with ePayPolicy provides a simple, cost effective way for agencies to process electronic payments, and sign up takes less than 5 minutes! Get started today and start accepting payments tomorrow. Don’t forget to use referral code 'iiavmember' when you sign up! [more]
Little Dog Social Media is IIAV’s newly endorsed provider of social media services. Over the last 9 years they have worked with independent insurance agents to provide social media solutions that allow agency owners to focus on their business, and do what they do best: Sell Insurance! [more]
Securibly's IIAV-endorsed Cybersecurity Compliance (CC) Shield platform allows small and mid-sized independent agencies to meet new requirements practically and prudently. [more]
Podium is a multi-product platform that gives businesses and their customers the most convenient experience possible—from reviews to messaging and insights. Working with Podium can give you an advantage in the marketplace. [more]