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Young Agents

the next generation of industry leaders

YoungAgents.gifWhat is a Young Agent?

Young agents are insurance professionals under the age of 41 that work with a Big “I” member agency. All company representatives, regardless of age are encouraged to interact with the future leadership of the Big “I” and the insurance world.

What We're Focusing On

IIAV’s young agents have a long tradition of being actively engaged in the association and they are well-known for the energy and enthusiasm they generate.

The purpose of the group goes far beyond just having fun. Our industry is growing and changing rapidly – and within the next few years, as many longtime leaders begin a new phase of life, there is going to be an even greater need for others to step up. While in the early stages of their careers, “young agent” doesn’t fully describe who the people in this group really are.

For the past two years, they’ve focused on four main areas that they hope come to mind when you think of them.

In that same amount of time they’ve done some incredible things. From being the majority in attendance at both the state and national legislative events to raising more than $18,000 for five different service projects they’ve accomplished a lot.



Learn About IIAV's Young Agent Committee

Click on the links to the right or on the tabs below for more information:
IIAV Young Agents host numerous events throughout the year so insurance professionals can build relationships with others in their industry.  These events include networking socials, educational seminars tailored to those newer to the industry and community service activities.
Politics also matter to Young Agents. They are active on both the state (VAPAC) and national level (InsurPAC). Influence the Vote.
One of the BEST parts about of being active in the Young Agents’ Program is being able to meet and get to know people just like you! We are all in it together! So come out and get involved with this great group of individuals.
How Can I Get Involved?
Just send Bob an e-mail with your:
  • Name
  • Agency/Company Name
  • Date of Birth 

Imagine being able to network with young agents from various agencies around the state in a relaxed, fun, educational environment. This is a great opportunity for agency and company reps to socialize and build on the relationships already established.

YoungAgents.gifWhy Sponsor?

  • Young Agents are the building blocks for future profits.
  • Name recognition on the program and signs at the events.
  • Your company will be supporting education for your agents.
  • Support agency producers, which is key to a company's marketing/underwriting staff.
  • Continue to build relationships with agencies.
  • Networking opportunity with Young Agents from around the state.

For more information, CLICK HERE. 
Young Agents Committee:YoungAgents.gif
The Young Agents Committee serves as the unified voice for all young agents in Virginia and as the connection which perpetuates the future of the independent insurance agency system. They meet approximately 4 times a year at the IIAV headquarters and develop means in which young insurance professionals can interact with each other resulting in successful career paths and growth for their agencies.

Meet the YA Officers:

Greg Dean
Atkinson Insurance Agency
9464 Chamberlayne Road
Mechanicsville, VA 23116
Ph: (804) 789-0795 


Immediate Past Chair
Laura Hancock, AAI
Ford & Thomas Insurance Agency 
6809 Stoneman Road
Richmond, VA 23228
Ph: (804) 261-7945

It’s impossible to have too much knowledge. Being part of an industry that is rapidly changing, incredibly complex, and essential to society means that learning matters. They are committed to learning as much as they can, both in formal settings like a classroom, but also by gaining wisdom from fellow members of the industry.​


2017 Lunch and Learn

This is nothing new. The Young Agents Committee has rallied around both the Huntington’s Disease Society for
America, Trevor’s Treasures, and the Make A Wish Foundation for years. They have continued to be incredibly
passionate about these and other causes and already planned activities for the coming year.

The value of being connected is not easy to measure; but it’s tremendous. By building strong connections, young agents are able to better understand the industry, better understand the impact of their work, and better serve their clients. These connections are not just important within the young agents themselves. It is essential that they are connected across the industry, and also with other industries. Therefore, while a happy hour may not seem meaningful on the surface, we encourage participation; regardless of your experience level!