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Host In-House Programs

bringing education to YOUR office

IIAV’s extensive list of courses is available to your staff, in your office at a time and date convenient to you. Classes taught in your office are convenient, customized to your needs and cost effective. Supervisors and managers know exactly what is being taught. They can see that new ideas are implemented within their organization and the knowledge learned from the course put to work. All this and your employees can still check email and voice mail on class breaks!
Why In-House?
  • Choice: A variety are offered; from designation programs to pre-licening classes to basic C.E.
  • Convenience: You choose the date, time and location.
  • Cost Effective: Bulk rate pricing and no out of work time or expenses due to travel.
  • Private: Your staff can discuss specific accounts, problems frankly and openly pertaining just to your agency.
  • Quality: IIAV is committed to providing top notch programs for your employees through knowledgeable instructors with years of experience.
  • Webinars: Perfect option for agencies with multiple locations.
How to Hold an In-House Class: 
First, call the IIAV Education Department at 1-800-288-4428 or email Anna McEachern, Director of Education and Events  with your request. Together we will set up a date and time, as well as, the type of class that your staff needs. We will confirm the instructor availability, course approval and give guidelines for setting up your classroom.