IIAV currently offers 7 Designations.  More information about each can be found below.  (Use calendar links to find designation classes.) Looking for a CIC class?  See how IIAV can help, CLICK HERE TO FIND CIC CLASSES.

In today's increasingly complex property-casualty insurance marketplace, only producers with in-depth insurance knowledge and a strong focus on customer service have a competitive edge. AAI gives you the professional education you need.

IIAV offers two different ways to earn your AAI designationarrows3.png

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The AAI designation can help you:

  • Increased commissions
  • Improved your insurance knowledge
  • Avoid E&O claims
  • Earn C.E. credits

Why AAI?

  • No annual dues
  • No annual update
  • At the end of each seminar, a 30-question multiple choice exam is given
  • Retake exams without repeating the class

Ethics Requirement:

As of January 2011, all AICPCU designation program participants must complete either Ethical Guidelines for Insurance Professionals (for all programs except CPCU) or the CPCU program’s Ethics and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct. Both online modules are free. Learn more here.

Preparing for the Exam:

If you are pursuing the AAI designation and plan on taking the exam after your class it is recommended that you get your AAI book prior to the class to look through the material that will be taught in class.


Take one more class and receive AAI- M designation ​

AAI 87 - Agency Leadership & Strategic Alignment (2 VA OGI)

Earn the NEW Accredited Adviser in Insurance – Management designation (AAI-M) by completing just one more course! Learn more here.

Complete and pass all 9 segments plus take an online ethics course and earn the AAI designation:

  • AAI81A - Principles of Insurance
    Principles of Insurance: Insurance and the Legal System, Risk Management and the Producer, and Sales and Account Development
  • AAI81B - Personal Insurance
    Homeowners Insurance and Personal Auto, Other Personal Lines, and Personal Financial Planning
  • AAI81C - Commercial Property Insurance
    Commercial Property, Business Income and Extra Expense, and Commercial Inland Marine Insurance

  • AAI82A - Commercial Liability Insurance
    Commercial General Liability Insurance, Commercial Auto, and Garage and Motor Carrier Insurance
  • AAI82B - Commercial Insurance
    Commercial Crime, Business-Owners, Other Commercial Coverages, and Workers Compensation and Employers Liability
  • AAI82C - Specialized Insurance and Bonds
    Specialty Property, Excess and Umbrella, Ocean Marine and Aviation Insurance, and Surety Bonds

  • AAI83A - Agency Operations and Sales Management
    Agency Formation/Environment, Organizational Management, Agency Sales Management, and Personal Production Plans
  • AAI83B - The Insurance Productions Environment
    Producer-Insurer Relationships, Agency Image, Agency Growth/Customer Communications, and Market Segmentation/Target Marketing
  • AAI83C - Agency Management Tools and Processes
    Agency Information Technology, Management of Customer Services, Financial Management, and Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

Stay ahead of the competition with this nationally recognized designation!
Get Your Grades & Retake Exams

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Additional AAI Credit Information
Course Waiver Information* 

The AAI 81 (segment A, B and C) exams will be waived if student meets one of the following criteria:
  • Currently holds the IIA Certificate in General Insurance (INS)
  • Has Completed CPCU 553 or 555 (CPCU 2), CPCU 551 (CPCU 3), and CPCU 552 (CPCU 4)
  • Holds the CIC designation*

RPLU - Registered Professional Liability Underwriter
  • Completion of AAI program waives module C-02-CGL
  • Commercial General Liability of RPLU program.
* Fee required for waiver
New Designation for AAI Completers – AAI-M
AAI 87: Agency Leadership & Strategic Alignment
Earn the NEW Accredited Adviser in Insurance – Management designation (AAI-M) by completing just one more course! This new course is not a requirement of the AAI designation, but if you are an AAI designee and pass AAI 87, you will earn the NEW AAI-M designation! Learn new leadership skills that will help align your agency's operations with its organizational goals. The course is written from an agency perspective and is designed to help agency professionals develop in a leadership role.
Candidates will learn to apply strategic decision making, marketing and communications to gain a competitive advantage and maintain strong relationships with clients, insurers and other partners. New techniques to improve agency financial results through strategic risk analysis and effective portfolio management will also be covered. Exam: The multiple choice exam is optional; however, if you are pursuing the AAI – M designation, it is mandatory and will be given at the conclusion of the seminar.


This national designation program is a respected credential in the insurance industry. 
The program is designed to improve the customer service and technical skills of your insurance staff.

IIAV offers two different ways to earn your ACSR designation

ACSR's are better prepared with:
  • Increased product knowledge
  • Improved selling and account rounding skills
  • Enhanced productivity and confidence
  • Higher levels of professionalism and customer service


  • No annual dues
  • No reaccreditation or mandatory update to maintain designation
  • More concentrated study in your area - personal, commercial, or life and health
  • Recognition by NAIW towards CPIW designation

Ethics Requirement:

Anyone completing the ACSR designation after December 31, 2011 must complete either Ethical Guidelines for Insurance Professionals (for all programs except CPCU) or the CPCU program’s Ethics and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct. Both online modules are free. Learn more here.


Choose the ACSR designation that's right for you (only 5-6 courses):

Personal Lines

  • Mod. 1 - Homeowners
  • Mod. 2 - Personal Automotive
  • Mod. 3 - Personal Lines Related Coverage
  • Mod. 4 - Agency E&O *
  • Mod. 5 - Professional Development

Commercial Lines

  • Mod. 6 - Commercial Property
  • Mod. 7 - Commercial Liability
  • Mod. 8 - Commercial Automobile
  • Mod. 9 - Commercial Lines Related Coverages
  • Mod. 4 - Agency E&O *
  • Mod. 5 - Professional Development 

Life & Health

  • Mod. 10 - Life Insurance
  • Mod. 11 - Retirement Planning
  • Mod. 12 - Disability and Health Insurance
  • Mod. 4 - Agency E&O *
  • Mod. 5 - Professional Development

* The ACSR Mod 4 is NO LONGER a class that can be taken to satisfy your agency for a loss control credit through IIAV's Westport and Fireman's Fund E&O programs. You must take one of the three E&O Risk Management courses.

 Get Your Grades, Waivers & Retake Exams

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Earn ACSR and get credit for AAI classes
  • ACSR Personal Lines - Mod 1-5, 10 & 11 waives AAI81B
  • ACSR Commercial Lines - Mod 4-9 waives AAI82A
ACSR and RPLU program
  • Completion of ACSR or ACSR mod 7 waives module C-02-CGL - Commercial General Liability of RPLU program.
Exams and Webinar Courses
  • If you are working towards a designation, and need to take the exam, it will be mailed to your proctor at the end of this webinar.  Proctor information will need to be filled out on your sign in/out sheet that you will receive with your webinar instruction/link email.​

AFIS.jpgThe Emmett J. Vaughn Agribusiness Conference is a unique opportunity to learn about the farm and agricultural insurance industry; network with agribusiness insurance professionals and earn the Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist Certification (AFIS). Participants can attend an AFIS Class or Breakout Sessions.

The Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist Certification is the foremost professional designation for specialists in the agricultural and farm insurance industry. Those who complete the program are entitled to display the AFIS designation to certify their knowledge of agribusiness and farm insurance and risk management as well as their dedication to the agribusiness industry. 

(click on link above for more information and to register)

The core curriculum for the AFIS program consists of five parts―AFIS 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5―that can be taken in any order. To earn the certification, participants must successfully complete the online core courses, the course study at the Emmett J. Vaughan Agribusiness Conference for each of the AFIS parts, or a combination of online and conference courses. After successful completion of all five exams, participants will earn the AFIS designation. Participants have five (5) years to take all five parts of the AFIS designation.
The chart to the right shows how the online courses match up with the current classroom courses. For example, if you have completed AFIS 1 and AFIS 2, you would need to complete AFIS 4 and AFIS 5 online or AFIS 3 at an Emmett J Vaughan Agribusiness Conference.
For more information about the online courses and to order courses, go to

AIAM.gifThis best practice program is designed for experienced CSR's or account managers. Six days that focus in conflict resolution, time management and relationships in the insurance industry.

This designation will be offered based on demand. Contact Carter Lyons if you are interested in pursuing this designation.

The 2018 AIAM offering has already started but look

Recommended for CSRs with at least 3 years of experience
 This program covers the full psychology of customer relationship management, workflow management, as well as how to apply the information on a day-to-day basis. Students’ own actual experiences are discussed among the group, thus learning from each other’s successes and failures.


Day 1 - Febrary 8, 2018

  • Module 1
    • Best Practices in Customer service?
  • Module 2
    • The Commuincation Jungle

Day 2- April 12, 2018

  • Module 1
    • The Write Stuff/Etiquette & the Spoken Word
  • Module 2
    • Take Control of Your Time
 Day 3- May 3, 2018
  • Module 1
    • Company Relationships
  • Module 2
    • How Not to Get in Trouble with Your Mouth


Day 4 - June 12, 2018

  • Module 1
    • Why Politics Matter
  • Module 2
    • Common Problems in Agent Investigations
  • Module 3
    • Building Partnerships Through Sales

Day 5October 18, 2018 

  • Module 1
    • Negotiating Conflict
  • Module 2
    • Ethics 

Day 6- November 8, 2018

  • Module 1
    • Leadership is Everyone's Job
  •  Module 2
    • Survival in the Jungle

​​​AISM.gifThis program covers the transition to supervisor, improving communications, motivation, teamwork, leadership, coaching, understanding others, performance appraisals and fair employment laws and regulations. As you learn, you will be able to put your knowledge to work immediately! (21 OGI & 3 L&R - 24 Credits Total)


Professional Development option for both new and experienced supervisors and managers.

Students MUST attend all 6 days to obtain CE and receive the designation

Day 1
  • Intro to Supervision & Management - Transition to supervisor role and Supervisor skills and management styles.
  • Communication - Analyze communication styles of employees, boss and peers and Complete an action plan for effectively communicating considering their style and yours.
Day 2
  • Coaching & Developing Employees - Giving performance feedback and Mentoring.
  • Situational Leadership - Diagnosing the development stage of the employee and Leading based on the follower's needs.
Day 3
  • Fair Employment Legal Issues - Civil Rights Act, Fair Labor Standards Act and other laws.
  • Recruiting, Selecting & Hiring - Determining job-specific requirements and desired qualifications; Structured interviewing; Selecting the best
    employee and orienting new employees.

Day 4

  • Managing Performance - Setting job standards and performance goals; Communicating expectations/gaining commitment; Analyzing performance gaps; Progressive discipline and Persistent performance problems.

Day 5

  • Performance Evaluation - Writing the performance review and Conducting the performance discussion.
  • Recognizing/Rewarding Accomplishments -  Different ways to reward and mentor.

Day 6

  • Developing Teamwork - Stages of team development; Building trust/achieving high relationships/results and Effective team meetings.
  • Leading Change - Develop urgency for change; Communicate vision; Emotional responses to change and Handling resistance.


The knowledge, credibility and differentiation that the CRIS program provides will lead to increased sales, structuring of better insurance programs and career advancement.  This specialized curriculum focuses on the insurance and risk management needs of construction projects and contractors.

​Earn the designation

cris.png LINK19.png

To obtain the CRIS designation

  • complete 5 specialized courses on construction risks and insurance - can be taken in any order
  • pass an online test after each class *
  • you have 60 months to complete the CRIS designation once you start the program
  • Credibility & More Sales
  • Agent/Broker Directory Listing
  • Arrange superior insurance programs
  • Career Advancement

Who Should Take This Program?

Anyone who designs, sells, buys, or underwrites construction insurance programs should consider taking the CRIS program.
  • Insurance agent or broker
  • Customer service representative (CSR)
  • Insurance underwriter or adjuster
  • Risk manager or insurance manager of a construction company
  • Contractor CFO, controller, or other executive who buys insurance
  • Construction safety professional who wishes to expand your horizons
  • Risk and insurance consultant
  • Construction lawyer
  • Risk manager of another organization with substantial construction activities

Reaccreditation Requirement:

When you obtain the CRIS certification, it is valid for 24 months. To maintain the CRIS certification, you obtain only 7 hours of approved construction risk and insurance continuing education credit every 12 months thereafter (generally one online course or seminar).
Complete all 5 CRIS courses, in any order:
  • Commercial Liability Insurance for Contractors - This course will examine each of the three coverage parts of the commercial general liability (CGL) policy-bodily injury and property damage (Coverage A), personal and advertising injury (Coverage B), and medical payments (Coverage C).
  • Contractual Risk Transfer in Construction - This course provides a general overview of contractual risk transfer in construction contracts and subcontracts, with specific attention to those provisions that present risk and insurance implications for contractors. Reviews the structure of construction contracting relationships and the key provisions in which responsibilities and liabilities are allocated to the contracting parties, and suggests methods to equitably allocate these liabilities.
  • Commercial Auto, Surety, CIPS & Miscellaneous Lines - This course provides an overview of various additional coverage needs of many contractors, including auto liability, professional liability, pollution liability, employment practices liability, directors and officers liability, fiduciary liability insurance, and surety bonds.
  • Property Insurance for Contractors - This course examines the coverage provided by three types of property insurance policies: commercial property policies, builders risk policies, and contractors’ equipment policies.
  • Workers Compensation for Contractors - This course begins with an introduction to workers compensation, including who is covered and under what circumstances and the various parts of the policy are explained in detail.
CFMA Endorsed:

The Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) has endorsed CRIS as a certification its member contractors could consider when selecting an agent or broker. The CFMA also refers its contractor membersto the CRIS Directory of Agents/Brokers who are current with the CRIS certification.

Who is the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI):

With a focus on this industry for more than 26 years, IRMI has established itself as the authority on construction risk management and insurance. IRMI is the publisher of Construction Risk Management, Contractual Risk Transfer, and many other books on construction risk and insurance issues, and it sponsors the IRMI Construction Risk Conference and other construction risk and insurance seminars.
* Online testing is available when the student is ready, allowing additional study time after the course. There is also an online review test for each exam, comprised of approximately 25 multiple-choice questions. The review test is meant to prepare the student for the exam and is not in addition to or replacement of the final exam. Those students not seeking the designation are NOT required to test.
What is MLIS?
The core curriculum for the MLIS program consists of 5 courses that focus specifically on directors and officers (D&O), employment practices, and fiduciary liability exposures and insurance coverage. The loss exposures and the policy provisions pertaining to these coverage lines are examined in depth within these courses. Completers of these courses will possess substantial knowledge of these important and intricate lines of management liability insurance. They will understand common variations between insurers’ policy forms and how to arrange coverage that will respond to the risks faced by their clients or employers, whether they are large or small businesses, not-for-profits, or governmental entities.
You must pass all five courses to qualify as a holder of the MLIS certification. Each course is independent of the others and you may complete them in any order you choose.
Insurance CE credit is available in most states for an additional fee.
Core Classes:
  • Directors & Officer Liability Exposures
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Employment Practices Liability Exposures and Insurance Coverage
  • Fiduciary Liability Exposures and Insurance Coverage
  • Private Company and Nonprofit D&O Liability Exposures and Insurance
  • Optional Course: Professional & Management Liability: Exposures & Insurance Coverage
The MLIS course texts are 80 – 100 pages in length. Depending on your current level of knowledge of the subject matter, an MLIS course will typically take 6 to 10 hours to complete. The MLIS courses are intended to cover the essential elements of the subjects they address at an intermediate level. Thus, the MLIS program will be an intensive learning experience for newcomers to professional or management liability insurance, eliminate many important knowledge gaps for risk and insurance professionals who have little experience with these lines, and be a helpful review of the fundamentals for seasoned risk and insurance professionals.
You have 60 months from purchase of an online course or start of classroom course to complete designation.
Once you earn the MLIS certification, you qualify as a holder of the certification for 24 months. You must earn 3 hours of approved MLIS CE credit during the initial 24 months and each year thereafter to continue using and displaying the MLIS certification. Below is a list of the currently available courses.
These courses have been filed with state insurance regulators in most states that allow distance learning. If state insurance CE credit is important to you, we suggest you start by adding these to the shopping cart and requesting credit for your state to determine the amount applicable to the courses you select.
Other Ways to Obtain Reaccreditation:
Another option for renewing your designation is to attend or participate in other approved conferences, seminars or educational programs (see a list of approved programs).
Once you have attended an approved program, you must notify us by providing the Completer Code from the Certificate of Completion that the program provider gives you and pay the renewal fee.


At just $79 per course, you can take all five courses and earn the MLIS certification for only $395! If you qualify for a 10 percent discount the cost will be only $355. Either way, it's less than the cost of many seminars, and you will learn far more. Plus, you will have an insurance certification to show for it. For only $15 more per course, you can get up to 12 hours' insurance CE credit for any of the courses, depending on your state.
IIAV is a supporter of MLIS
IIAV’s discount code for MLIS is C325223