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Information Security Policy

Two convenient options!

Insurance Agency Information Security Policy

It’s the law that agencies have a security plan per Virginia Statute 38.2-613.2.  The statute requires that each insurance institution, agent, and insurance-support organization will have a written information security program that includes administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for the protection of policy information.

Don’t get overwhelmed with the technical jargon of the information required and discard complying with this code. IIAV has a solution for you with their information security policy template developed specifically for IIAV member agencies at no cost.  This includes an addendum for PCI compliance requirements, as a HIPPA Rule Addendum for those who need it. 

Download the Template


Securibly is a Cybersecurity compliance software built for small, independent insurance companies, and is proudly endorsed by IIAV. The CC Shield platform allows small, independent agencies to meet new requirements practically and prudently. Quickly implement necessary procedural documents, conduct period risk assessments and train employees, among other things. No internal expertise required!

The CC Shield platform makes it simple:
  • Cost-Effective Subscription
  • No Internal Experitse Required
  • No Hourly Billing
  • No Expensive Consulting Firm
  • Work at Your Own Pace
  • Strong Documentation
  • Purpose-Built for Agencies
  • Intuitive and Simple
IIAV members receive a 15% discount! Use discount code IIAV2020.