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Agency Perpetuation & Valuation Services

What's Your Agency's True Value?

If you're an agency owner, your agency is likely your life’s work and your largest single asset. In order to best protect you, your agency and your agency’s future, it's important to know your agency’s value.

Knowing the value, and more importantly, what drives the value of your agency, provides you with the information to build a plan for your agency today and into the future. Without a plan, your agency, your staff, your clients and all that you have worked hard to build is at risk.

Carey Wallace with Agency Focus will show you the value of your agency as a multiple of EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization), not a multiple of revenue. You'll see why this holistic approach is important and how you can leverage this knowledge to plan for your agency, and grow and compete in the changing insurance marketplace.

IIAV Members receive a free 30-minute consultation with Agency Focus to discuss their current needs. Schedule a time with Carey Wallace for free by clicking here.

About Carey Wallace and Agency Focus

Carey has worked in the insurance industry for the last 12 years and with entrepreneurial small businesses throughout her entire career. During that time, Carey has develop key business consulting services to ensure that agencies have the information and support needed to plan for their agency and successfully perpetuate to the next generation. She has worked with over 150 agencies to help them understand their agency's value and plan for their future.

Agency Focus works with independent agent owners to ensure that they understand their agency's Fair Market Valuation, the risk factors and opportunities impacting the value, and the ways that this data can be leveraged to plan for the future.  In addition, Agency Focus provides guidance and support in order to build strong perpetuation plans that are in line with the agency's goals and timeline.  All plans are supported by financial modeling and the appropriate documentation to ensure the agency's future is protected.